Curatorial Note

The feeling of home is an unexplainable longing for comfort. No luxury seems to be as appealing as the imperfections of a home. This comfort is related to neither just a space nor structure. We seem to find our homes in people, places, paths and states of being. We cherish the paths that lead us to the person we love. These paths hold memories and experiences that shape our lives and make us feel connected to our loved ones. They symbolize the journey we have taken to find our sense of belonging and create a deep emotional attachment to our homes, both physical and metaphorical.

Some artists express their most authentic feeling of belonging by portraying a place, person, or path their memory takes them to. We find home in people that we hold dear. We are comfortable being ourselves with them. We lean on them, so we feel less lonely.

The paths we take may lead us to different destinations, but the feeling of home remains the same. It is when we navigate through these paths that we discover new sides to who we are and deepen our understanding of what truly makes us feel connected and rooted. Whether it be through physical exploration or introspective journeys, the search for home is, for each one of us, a universal human experience that shapes our sense of identity and belonging.

Places bring memories, nostalgia, and a sense of familiarity that can provide comfort and solace in times of uncertainty. The sights, sounds, and smells of these places can transport us back to moments of joy, laughter, and love, reminding us of who we are and where we come from. We bring to you this collection to encourage reflection on the delicate idea of belonging. Let this be our invitation for you to let art help you discover your truest you - to wherever, however, and to whomever it leads you to. 
- Amrutha Pradeep

Isn’t home but a feeling; a sanctuary where we find solace, comfort, and a sense of belonging? Memories have the power to transport us back to those cherished moments, evoking emotions and nostalgia that can be found in places of our upbringing. These memories have a way of shaping our identity and reminding us of the connections we have nurtured with these spaces.

Jehangir Sabavala transports you to a boundless terrain where one can seem to be both adrift and yet securely anchored. The far-reaching landscapes could make one feel insignificant and yet a profound sense of belonging within oneself. The land of unbridled imagination, where mythical creatures and enchanting landscapes come to life the artist's muted colours subtly transport you to a dream-like visual land where you find a place that has been yours all along. You could feel like the traveler who is seeking home in the wild unknown, where you could be your truest self.
Biswajit Roy leads us to the idyllic essence of our ancestral village that we seem to recollect from our memories. His works resonate with the solace of simple, beautiful rural life of living uncomplicatedly. His nostalgia with agricultural fields spread across the land reminds us of our origins. You can feel the crispness of the air with a hint of moist earth and lush green pastures, anchoring you in a deep sense of groundedness.   He also recognizes the significant impact of urbanization, urging us to reflect about life's intricacies and appreciate the urban-nature harmony.
Nagesh Ghodke paints his memory of village houses, trees, and animals. With a heart steeped in the embrace of rural life, the artist takes us on a visual journey capturing the essence of simplicity and tranquility found within the countryside vistas. Wandering along the lanes of recollection, his paintings evoke a rush of nostalgia. The rural connection is palpable in Ghodke's paintings, as he skillfully portrays the simplicity and charm of pastoral landscapes. His attention to detail and use of vibrant hues has a way of ushering us into a world where time seems to stand still, longing for a simpler way of life..

There could be a great number of roads leading to exquisite destinations, but none offers the solace of the road that leads you home.  You know every little bump and pothole so intimately that they cease to trouble you. You accept them as they are because this path leads you home. You experience a calm, unlike any other. It's a route you know too well that offers a sense of security and familiarity, allowing you to unwind and let go of the day's worries. As your destination draws near, the sights and sounds become increasingly soothing, signaling that you are nearing the embrace of your loved ones and the haven of your personal sanctuary.

Iruvan Karunakaran  invites you to walk the streets  teeming with life -  a symphony of bustling vendors, swarming crowds, and resonating vehicles. Echoes of blaring  loudspeakers   weave into the ongoing conversations; a melody of urban existence.The familiar streets pave ways to our everyday destinations; the same paths whose imperfections are accepted and understood. Each street resonates with distinct noises; bringing back a rush of memories.  Amidst the hustle, a reassuring familiarity emerges – the comfort of the known amidst anonymous fellow travelers on distinct life paths.
Mayuri Joshi takes us along on a journey by the railroads; brimming with travelers that pick up conversations in rhythm with the tracks. You experience the hustle of busy commuters rushing to work and also the serene moments of travelers gazing out the window, lost in their thoughts. Each station validates their journey until their destination. The journey on these tracks carry a sense of calm assuring that they will lead us home. These tracks fill us with a sense of reminiscence and anticipation, with every journey an opportunity for new discoveries and unforgettable memories.
Arup Lodh’s watercolors invites us to step into the reflective world of our everyday streets; all too familiar that it numbs our anxiousness and rests our minds. In the wake of a rain shower and amidst the buzz of the streets, there's a guiding rhythm leading us homeward, offering solace in the familiar. His artistic style captures the essence of city life and skillfully portrays the myriad range of emotions experienced during daily commute. His magical wash of colour elevates the mundane rituals of everyday life to nothing short of enchantment.

Finding a home in a person is a profound feeling that evokes a sense of comfort, belonging, and unconditional love. It is an indescribable connection that transcends mere physical surroundings, creating a haven within their very being. We find these intimate connections with our lovers, friends, family and surprisingly sometimes with unfamiliar souls. In their company, we keep returning home.

Subrata Das brings to life the timeless, enchanting romance of Radha and Krishna's renowned mystical love, a connection so beautiful that it transcends the boundaries of time and space. He captures the ethereal connection between the divine lovers and their eternal dance of passion and belonging to each other.  The subtle chemistry and irresistible magnetism can be sensed through their tender gazes and the unconditional love they carry for each other. These mythological soul companions become a reflection of what we yearn for, a bridge between the mythic and the modern, where the pursuit of such authentic connection remains ever relevant.
Varsha Kharatmal’s narrative captures the essence of connection beyond mere companionship. She paints the breadth of relationships that accompany life’s journey from cherished childhood friends to strangers turned kindred spirits. Amidst fleeting clouds or unwavering support, we cherish these connections for the moments of beauty they offer. The feeling of ease to lean on them without much deliberation provides a sense of province. The feeling of acceptance without seeking makes us feel at home.
Rahul Mhetre cherishes togetherness and acceptance that accompanies shared moments. His portrayal of being together while remaining true to oneself resonates deeply, highlighting the beauty of embracing imperfections and cultivating trust. This sentiment reverberates through his characters, who, with their innate relatability, evoke a tangible connection even without physical contact. The appreciation of this mutual feeling, which leads to the discovery of the essence of belonging is a beautiful brew that fosters support for each other. Love is a luxury of the ones that dare to let themselves show their truest self.
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